Guidelines for Curators



Curators of @WeAreADL are encouraged to keep the following principles in mind for their tweets:

  1. The goal of @WeAreADL is to create a vibrant and friendly community for Adelaide users of Twitter.
  2. Engagement through the creation and facilitation of inclusive conversations is paramount.
  3. Each curator will bring their own voice, tone and views to the account, and should strive to use these as points of connection, not division, with other users.
  4. If you have any conflicts of interest, or relationships that could be perceived to be conflicts of interest, you should disclose them up front and when commenting on that business/workplace/individual. Under no circumstances are curators or the administrator going to accept cash for comments. If you want to plug something, make sure you do it transparently. @WeAreADL isn’t set up as an advertising arm for anything except for our fine city, but we’re not going to shy away from naming local businesses that we like, or avoid talking up events that are of interest to people in Adelaide. The final call on what is and isn’t okay remains that of the administrators (@amywhodigital and @MattOsborn).

The tweets and curators of @WeAreADL will not be censored by the administrator per se, but each curator must agree to abide by the following ethical guidelines to become a participant:

  1. You must be a resident of Adelaide, South Australia. Some former residents might be permitted, but only for exceptional reasons and not as a general rule.
  2. No hate speech allowed, including tweets/retweets that are sexist, racist, homophobic, or otherwise intended to be hurtful or demeaning.
  3. Flamers, trolls, spammers and other bullies will be blocked, not encouraged. You do not have to put up with abuse.
  4. Please do not unfollow followers. Refer any issues to admin.
  5. Don’t give out your personal details or those of other people.
  6. Please use courteous language that invites further discussion. Nobody likes people who are curt or swear needlessly.
  7. Admin, not curators, is responsible for managing invitations and schedules for future curators.
  8. As a general rule, any user who follows @WeAreADL will be followed in return, unless they subscribe to the types of hate speech as described above or, due to the predominant language spoken, it is difficult to ascertain whether this guideline is being abided by. Twitter imposed caps will also reduce the ability to follow users.
  9. If in doubt, follow the Golden Rule. Be kind. Be a great ambassador for Adelaide. Have fun.

If a curator’s tweets are found not to adhere to these standards, the tweets will be removed and the curator’s privileges suspended immediately.

Bottom line: disagreement, even sharp disagreement, is fine, but civil discourse is required at all times.